Massage in the Workplace

As a nation we are working longer hours and more days than ever before. The working environment can be a place of high demands, impending deadlines and ultimately stress. Bringing massage to the workplace can help reduce that stress and help towards making workers happier, more creative and productive. The workplace massage is short but effective, giving a focused period of relaxation and ‘time out’ enabling the receiver to recharge and return to work feeling refreshed. From a management point of view it can increase staff morale and if financed by the company demonstrates that the company cares about employee well-being  It can be 15, 20 or 30 minutes long and the following treatments are particularly suitable:

On-site massage

Indian head massage


Hand Aromatherapy

I will bring along all equipment that is needed and all that is required is a quiet room or space in the office to work from. A health screening is completed with every client to ensure the massage is suitable and meets their needs. I have full public liability and indemnity insurance to carry out massage at any location.

Pricing depends on number of hours booked, minimum booking is 2 hours, £40 per hour for 2 hours,  £35 per hour upto 4 hours, £30 per hour over 4 hours